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Shabbat Dinner Speaker Series with Rabbi Stephen A. Karol Temple   Israel   will   be   presenting   a   series   of   Friday   evening   dinner lectures   given   by   Rabbi   Stephen A.   Karol,   Rabbi   Emeritus   of   Temple Isaiah   in   Stony   Brook.   He   is   the   author   of   Finding   Hope   and   Faith   in the    Face    of    Death:of    a    Rabbi    and    Mourner.    Rabbi    Karol    was ordained   in   Cincinnati,   and   has   served   congregations   in   Buffalo,   NY and   Hingham,   Massachusetts.   He   teaches   at Temple   Isaiah   and   also at   the   Osher   Lifelong   Learning   Institute   at   Stony   Brook   University. Rabbi    Karol    resides    in    Port    Jefferson    Station,    NY,    with    his    wife, Donna. Bob Dylan’s Jewish Music January 4, 2019 Based   on   Seth   Rogovoy’s Bob   Dylan:   Prophet,   Mystic,   Poet , and   other   resources,   this   presentation   involves   listening   to   and discussing    some    of    Dylan’s    lyrics    with    Biblical    and    Jewish references.   Included   are   well-known   songs   such   as   Blowin’   in the   Wind ,   Forever   Young ,   All   Along   the   Watchtower,   and   With God    on    Our    Side ,    as    well    as    lesser-known    songs    such    as Highway   61   Revisited ,   Neighborhood   Bully ,   Jokerman ,   and   I Pity   the   Poor   Immigrant .   Generously   sponsored   by   Leni   and Harvey Goldsmith . Ten Tips for ‘Successful’ Jewish Parenting and Grand-parenting February 8, 2019 This   presentation   emphasizes   the   ways   in   which   adults   can   set an   example   of   Jewish   commitment   and   involvement   for   their children   and/or   grandchildren   by   how   they   live,   what   they   do, and   what   they   say.   Generously   sponsored   by   Stephanie   and Ike Israel . 'Turn, Turn, Turn’: What We Can Learn From the Book of Ecclesiastes March 1, 2019 The     Book     of     Ecclesiastes     is     profound     and     meaningful, especially   for   senior   citizens,   but   its   messages   about   wisdom, family   values,   and   perspective   can   be   meaningful   to   anyone. Generously   sponsored   by   Dr.   Howard   Gordon   in   memory   of Lynne Gordon . Shabbat   Services   at   5:30   PM   are   followed   by   dinner   &   lecture.   There   is   no charge   for   these   events.   Please   RSVP   to Temple   office   to   let   us   know   which events you plan on attending.