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Previously,    Rabbi    Rascoe    has    served    congregations    in    Indiana,    Michigan,    Illinois,    New Jersey,    Pennsylvania,    and    Texas,    always    becoming    actively    involved    in    the    surrounding communities.   When   you   get   to   know   him,   you   will   learn   that   our   Rabbi   has   a   passion   for   social justice   and   education.   One   could   say   that   he   is   an   activist   at   heart,   having   embraced   public service   as   well   as   education,   both   which   have   been   cornerstones   of his    rabbinical    career.    He    has    been    active    in    interfaith    dialogue, minority   relations,   and   prison   religious   policy,   and   has   served   as   a consultant   on   academic   and   government   projects,   and   as   an   advisor on counseling and medical ethics issues. Some   of   the   areas   where   he   has   participated   include   serving   as   a member   of   the   Chaplain’s   Advisory   Council   to   the   State   of   Michigan’s prison   system,   writing   the   Judaism   section   of   the   Michigan   Dept.   of Corrections   Handbook   of   Religious   Groups,   serving   on   the   Michigan State    advisory    panel    for    adoption,    serving    on    the    Grand    Rapids    Human    Relations Commission,     Purdue     University’s     Social     Science     Ethics     Committee,     and     the     ethics committees   of   both   hospitals   and   hospices   in   the   Greater   Michigan   area.   He   was   instrumental in    organizing    a    hate    crimes    task    force,    and    a    citywide    program    to    teach    adolescents entrepreneurial    skills.    Furthermore,    he    organized    a    conference    to    teach    public    school teachers   about   the   Holocaust,   and   led   many   interfaith   programs   and   dialogue   groups   to encompass   those   of   the   Jewish,   Christian,   Muslim,   Buddhist,   and   Baha’i   faiths.   During   his tenure    in    Texas    he    was    the    Associate    Director    of    the    L’Chiam    Center,    an    independent havurah that focused on outreach to unaffiliated Jews as well as converts.